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Social Responsibility

At Abson motors we respond to our customers’ needs beyond sales through:

  • Engaging in Youth empowerment Programs.
  • We assist in formation of Boda-Boda sacco.
  • We cordinate with ministry of health to conduct HIV, TB and Pneumonia to riders.
  • We cordinate with Ministry of Transport, Kenya Roads Authority and NTSA to conduct safety awareness programs.

These forums are not only meant for our clients but open to other two wheeler and three wheeler operators. We collaborate with the Police Traffic Department and other stakeholders in the area of security and safety to keep our customers informed and up to date.

Abson Motors is committed to the welfare of its clients. We also use these opportunities to link our customers with financial institutions and other relevant organizations. This is to offer them a chance to access information for their own development.

These clinics also provide a moment of bonding with our customers. In addition, the public gets to sample our new products. During these gatherings, our after sales team including our engineers get a chance to professionally instruct clients on servicing.

Abson Motors is also a part of what goes on in Mombasa County. We have been supporting many projects and activities including the Mombasa International Cultural Festival. We believe in giving back to the society that has grown us.